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More Than 70 Years Experience

Contour Saw, Inc. has been an A to Z manufacturer of saw blade coils since 1940.  You probably already know us through one of our popular brand names - DoALL. At our facility near Chicago IL, we start our process with top quality steel coils.  Our end product is coiled precision saw blade stock with some of the most favorable mechanical properties for cutting various types of materials.  We can provide saw blade ranging from ¼” commodity carbon band to 80mm Carbide and TiN Coated bimetal.  We take great pride in every one of our processes.  For this reason, Contour makes an excellent product and has developed lasting relationships with some of the finest cutting suppliers in the world. 

Our customers use our saw blade coils to produce various products that fit the needs of their business.  The most common application is for band saw.  Although, applications where Contour’s coils are converted into band saws are many, our saw blade coils are also widely used by companies that have other value added operations such as punching, forming, and painting to produce hand tools such as hole saws, reciprocating blade, hacksaw and portaband.  Contour Saws’ saw blade stock is the superior foundation for many branded sawing products that are retailed in industrial hardware and merchandise super centers throughout the US.

It has been our commitment to quality and excellence that has made us the experts in saw blade and it has been our brand-less, cooperative and non-conflicting business model of teaming up with thriving value added manufactures that has made us one of the leaders in sawing.